About Us

Kim Larsen Designs is a true home-based business, created out of necessity and a mother's passion!
In 2012, just before my daughters 1st birthday, she was diagnosed with Periventricular Leaukmalacia and spastic quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. She wasn't walking, crawling, or even sitting up at almost a year old. After that diagnosis, I knew that I needed to do more for her, and my 50 hour a week work week in the medical field wasn't going to let me do that.
So we made the hard decision to become a one-income family, and live off my husbands income as a Fire Fighter, and I would stay home with our daughter to ensure she got the best case, attention, therapies, doctors appointment, anything she needed to maintain her best quality of life.
After a couple of years of hardships, I decided I needed to do something to make a change in our families financial situation. I taught myself how to make glitter coated tumblers, watching YouTube and scouring Facebook for help and tips. I then created my own way of producing the tumblers, making them lighter and sleeker than what other crafters were producing. My husband hand built all of the machinery necessary to properly create these tumblers, starting with a single-spot machine, and eventually growing to our 27 spot machine! What was once just an idea and a hobby, now takes over a room in our house (known as "Mom's Work Room"), and this flourishing business in now my full time job! 
Kim Larsen Designs gives me the opportunity to give my daughter, as well as our older two children, the attention, care and help she needs to live her best life! I have the freedom and flexibility now to be the one take my daughter to all of her physical therapies, doctors appointments, etc.
By purchasing from Kim Larsen Designs, you are directly helping and supporting a real, hard working mom and her family! 
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